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Vilma Software Hal 1.3.2 released at May 5th 2008.
Like latest releases - this one of Vilma Software Hal improves compatibility with
Windows Vista.
The main functionality works without major changes, but all mistakes in previous version was fixed.
The bug with the connection to update-site on Windows
Vista OS is also fixed with this update.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.5.3 released at March 25th 2008.
The new version offers better compatibility with
Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
Fixed bug with the connection of the Update Wizard.
Fixed bug with export/import registry data in
Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

Vilma Software Hal 1.3.0 released at January 3rd 2007.
This is bug-fixing release.
The main functionality works without changes, but all mistakes in previous version was fixed.
Vilma Software Hal continue to be stabile and practical solution as before.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.5.1 released at September 28th 2006.
Below is a list with the fixes in current version.
  - bug with recursive "Paste" is fixed in this release.
  - problem with the main menu that appears at some machines is fixed as well.
Release 2.5.1 have a new powerful functionality - remote registry editing.
Now our subscribers can edit the registry of whole network at any remote computer, while sitting in front of their own machine or to support the remote registry from their home. Please note that while edit remote registry, our software still creates a backup records so it is always possible to rollback the changes.
More for remote registry can be found here.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.3.4 released at September 4th 2006.
The release 2.3.4 is bug-fixing release.
The main functionality works without changes.
The dependency from "aclui.dll" is removed to solve the problem for Windows 9X/ME users.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.3.3 released at August 28th 2006.
This update fix all mistakes found in previous releases.
In addition a new functionality is added - multiple "Copy", "Paste" and "Delete".
This operations are available for a multiple values as well as for a multiple keys.
Dependency from "uxtheme.dll" is removed. Fixed bug.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.3.2 released at August 12th 2006.
Release 2.3.2 have a new functionality. The search have additional advanced preferences. This is the one registry editor which can find values in the registry depending from the modified dates. You can search now for results which have been modified before a specified date, after specified date or between two dates. The copy and paste now works in ANSI to allow the users to use any simple text editor to paste the copied key or value names.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.3.0 released at June 21st 2006.
After a time of a hard work, a lot of new features ware implemented.
 - the new version 2.3.0 is 100 percents UNICODE, now it supports a Eastern Asian languages and any registry key can be edited.
 - new columns was added with more details
 - description for each bookmark is now supported
 - a new format for export/import was implemented. It improves the quality and fix few bugs found in the previous releases.
 - the new for Windows XP keys HKEY_PERFORMANCE_TEXT and HKEY_PERFORMANCE_NLSTEXT are supported
 - fixed bug
 - improved user interface - additional view stiles( details, list, small or large icons )
 - much better performance
 - flush key functionality
 - load and unload a registry hives was added
 - the search is now designed to search strings as UNICODE and is traditionally more faster

Vilma Software Hal 1.2.9 and Vilma Software Oberon 2.2.2 released at September 1st 2004.
The user interface is now improved. The program opens the files in to a tab control. This gives the possibility to open a lot of files independently. There is a limitation for the number of the opened files ( drives ), which is up to 255. However this is more than enough. Fixed bug. Improved quality of the code and internal algorithms. To learn more for the exact changes visit the download page. At the same time was released version 2.2.2 of Vilma Software Oberon. The new things here are, the fixed bug, and improved user interface.

Vilma Software Hal 1.2.7 released at August 2nd 2004.
The new release offer a bookmark support. The bookmarks that the user adds are stored, so the user do not lose them after closing the file. Fixed bug with the File/New menu item. Better user interface - a few small mistakes was fixed.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.2.1 released at July 16th 2004.
This version have better user interface - the menus are more "clever" and sensitive. Also the bug with the Dword Form is fixed. A tool for bug report was added, to assist to the customers to inform us for every found mistake. It works on the same way as in Hal to make the using easily for our customers. To learn more download and install it from the download page.

Vilma Software Hal 1.2.6 released at July 6th 2004.
Internally, version 1.2.6 works on a different base, then the previous release. Now the limitations related with the file size are raised. The maximum length of the edited file is 17179869184 GB. Fixed bug. A tool for bug report was added, to assist to the customers to inform us for every potential or real error. The help system was updated. Vilma Software Hal is now more stable. In addition our customer support was extended with a new options. To learn more see the support page.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.2.0 released at April 15th 2004.
In this release was added a powerful additional functionality at Registry Inspector. It now have additional tests and finds additional types of errors in the registry. A new tool was created - Startup Manager. It is useful for editing the startup applications. The startup applications often are required, but same of them could also be a viruses or useless programs which just slows your system start. With Startup Manager you could disable same of them and later (after the investigation of the result) to unable them again later. The records will be stored safely.

Vilma Software Hal 1.2.5 released at April 1st 2004.
The new update fix the bugs found in previous version. A tool tips and "What's this" menu was added in all dialogs. In addition all values in the dialogs now can be typed as Hex or Decimal values. Better looking user interface. The "Replace" function in files works faster and better.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.1.2 and Registry Explorer 1.6.0 released at March 20th 2004.
This version was released to fix the bug with the growing icons in the start menu. Also the help system was updated. Some changes in theme files - new buttons in the toolbars was added.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.1.1 minor update released at March 11th 2004.
Version 2.1.1 of Vilma Software Oberon fixes few bugs found in a previous updates.
Fixed bug in the Security Editor, fixed bug in Registry Inspector. Some additional "intelligence" was added in Registry Inspector and now it can find more mistakes in the registry. Additional functionality was added into hex-editor. It is possible now to copy and paste a data from REG_BINARY values. Please note that Oberon uses "internal" clipboard for this data type and as result you can use copy and paste only within the program.
The web site was upgraded. Now we are able to provide a better services to our customers. Everyone can now check his registration details by simply visiting the support page, and sending the request.

Vilma Software Oberon 2.1.0 was released at February 20th 2004.
In version 2.1.0 of
Vilma Software Oberon was added the fallowing new features.
- Editing the registry security. If you receive a message like "Access is denied" you can change the permissions of the key. When you login as Administrator now is possible to edit the permissions to the other users on the computer.
- A new test in Registry Inspector - checking the shell folders for invalid icons and shortcuts. The invalid items are checked, and the program sets the correct paths and targets.
- The search form now can "remember" the last search words and phrases.
Also a bug was fixed, so now the registry editing is a real pleasure with Vilma Software Oberon.


Released version 2.0 of Vilma Software Oberon at November 24th 2003.
In version 2.0 of Vilma Software Oberon was added a new features. There is a new useful tool for backup and restore the registry.  This gives the possibility to keep the registry clean after installing and removing any software. The Registry Backup Wizard creates a backups of the registry configuration and keep these backups into a files. The Registry Restore Wizard restores the registry state exactly to it's previous state from these backup files. A lot of optimizations in the search engine and a new search options was added again.

Vilma Software Registry Explorer is now in Top10 Freeware in Poland's magazine PCWorld.
Poland is a beautiful European country and is one of the large list of countries where the people often uses Registry Explorer. To learn more check the PCWorld Poland web site.

Vilma Software Registry Explorer 1.4.0 finished and published at November 24th 2003.
The brand new search engine with new search options ( like Unicode search ), an improved user interface, tool tips, tip of the day ... are a part of the new features implemented in this release. Also the better keyboard support for the forms was added.

Since November 3rd - an additional payment methods are available.
The additional payment methods are developed and ready now. There are available the next new payment solutions: E-Gold for the customers witch prefer to use the e-gold account, and also iKobo. The iKobo is easiest and recommended if you wish to pay with credit card. The E-Gold is very fast and if you choose it, the update of the purchased program will be available within 5 minutes. If you decide to use iKobo or Softwrap, the refreshing of our database could take a few hours.

On April 14th 2003 was released our new child - Vilma Software Hal.
Vilma Software Hal is a professional hex editor witch allows you to edit all file types and the content of you physical or logical drives and partitions. You can also access and edit the virtual memory of your machine running processes. It reads the drive content sector by sector and write the changes directly there on the same way. This also mean that the partitions of the other operating systems like Linux (for example) can be accessed. It is possible to make backup copies of them. A good tool to save this part of a files witch content is not in some physically damaged sector on your drive.


Vilma Software Oberon was start it's history at September 16th. 2002.
At the beginning there was an idea. And after a two years of hard work Vilma Software Oberon was ready. The idea to implement all tools in one body has become a part of the reality. And the latest practice shows that there is no better way to check, defragment, backup, and change the registry content. At that moment there was about 60 000 rows of source code inside. There was some bugs and clones still, but the important was that Vilma Software Oberon was ready and was a complete solution for registry editing. It includes the all functionality of Vilma Registry Explorer and additional powerful tools. A tool for optimizing the registry by defragment it's files and reducing the size. The fastest tool for searching that we know. A tool for finding&replacing a data in all registry entries (and keys) include the binary type. "Registry Inspector" - a tool for checking the registry for invalid entries, bad file system references, installed files, application paths, fonts, startup section, program integrity, shortcuts and the errors in the COM (Component Object Model) sections.


March 23rd 2002 was ready version 1.2.0 of Registry Explorer with a brand new look.
Vilma Software Registry Explorer now works with new type of user interface. There is no more dialogs or popup windows. All tasks are running in the main program window. The help system is embedded on the same way into the program. It is possible now to set the keyboard focus over some item and to use F1 key to invoke the associated with that item help topic. Fixed bug, better search engine, more search options and a new look are the new features added to the program.


The first version of Vilma Software Registry Explorer - 1.0 was released at November 24th 2001.
Vilma Software Registry Explorer is a powerful tool that will give to you the easiest way to rule all aspects of your system. You can create new keys and values, add them to the registry, or delete the existing ones. You don't have to make a backup of all your actions as Registry Explorer does it in the background. If you decide that an action is not useful, or is wrong, just open the "Backup" window and restore the item by clicking over the record. Importing and exporting data files is very easy.



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