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Frequently asked questions about Vilma Software products.

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How to restore the registry after some changes madden by me before a time.
To restore the changes that you have made before a time, select "View/Undo history" from the main menu of the program. The window with the history will appear in the down part of the program. You will see the actions stored by the date and the time. Also there is a description of your action so you will be able to find the exact change that you have made. Right click on it and choose "Undo selection".
Whenever I tried to run the installer it I got the next error message: INVALID CHARACTER IN THE TAG NAME. LINE 2, POSITION 63.
Some popup-killers are within conflict with the setup program. Before to run the installer, be sure to close all other application. In the case that you have some running software while the install begins a messages like this are possible.
Suppose I want to go back to the previous version of my Registry before modified it. How do I do that if I cannot boot my system because the Registry is now broken?
Please note that the editing of the registry can be dangerous. You can damage your system, and Oberon will not stop you. If your was decide to edit some data we presume that you are enough advanced to do that, and that you know what exactly are you doing. In a situation like this you must find a way to boot your system into Safe Mode. After that you will be able to restore the previous data in the registry.
The problems started first with when the find function of the program would not display the edit box and I couldn't enter what I wished to search for in the registry. I then decided to re-download and re-install it and that was when the installer would not work.
In this situation the problem was that the user's computer was a damaged "riched32.dll" file. And all of the text editors (like "WordPad") witch uses this file wasn't able to work. The installation will not work too because it use this dynamic library to display text (like the license agreement). For this case was necessary to replace it's damaged "riched32.dll" in your system directory with the undamaged file.
I have had hardware problems with my computer and have reinstalled my operating system but your software now requires me to re-purchase.
You need only re-install the  application that has previously been purchased. Once this has been done, you can simply select to re-install the license from the Softwrap dialogue box and using your License Holder Name and Purchase Reference Number received by email during purchase, the software can be unlocked to a purchased state.
Why when I edit the "default" value often Oberon opens it for editing as binary value.
Some keys do not have a value without name ("default"). In this case Oberon shows  "default" value as REG_NONE type  with content "value not set". The REG_NONE type should be edited like binary data type. To create a default value as string, right click on the list, select "New/String value" and live the name field empty.
I have clean the registry using Registry Inspector, and when I run it again it found a new errors there.
There is some errors witch are related each-other. For example if the for first scan registry Inspector found invalid file association, it will fix this usually by deleting the key witch is describing the extension. For the next scan all references to this file type will be marked as invalid. By this reason you it is recommended to run Registry Inspector more than a time.
When I start Oberon on my Windows Vista it crashes.
Be sure to run Vilma Software Oberon with administrative privileges. To do this use right click on program icon and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu.

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