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Vilma Software Oberon -  Registry Data Types

The next data types are used from the operating system and from the programs.

REG_BINARY - Binary data in any form.

REG_DWORD (REG_DWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN) - A 32-bit number. In little-endian format, a multi-byte value is  stored in memory from the lowest byte (the "little end") to the highest byte. For example, the value 0x12345678 is stored as (0x78 0x56 0x34 0x12) in little-endian format.  Windows® operating systems are designed to run on little-endian computer architectures. A user may connect to computers that have big-endian architectures, such as some UNIX systems.

REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIAN - A 32-bit number in big-endian format. In big-endian format, a multi-byte value is stored in memory from the highest byte (the "big end") to the lowest byte. For example, the value 0x12345678 is stored as (0x12 0x34 0x56 0x78) in big-endian format.

REG_EXPAND_SZ - A null-terminated string that contains unexpanded references to environment variables (for example, ""%USERPROFILE%"). It will be a Unicode or ANSI string. Please note that you will see the expanded state (that means that the string will look on that way "C:\Documents and settings\Yourname") of this strings in the list view with the values. But you will see the unexpanded string when you edit the content directly.

REG_LINK - A Unicode symbolic link.

REG_MULTI_SZ - An array of null-terminated strings, terminated by two null characters. When you edit this type of values, the strings will be shown in a new rows.

REG_NONE - No defined value type.

REG_RESOURCE_LIST - A device-driver resource list.

REG_SZ - A null-terminated string. It will be a Unicode or ANSI string.

In addition some applications can write data in it's own format. We will use this icon to identify this data.


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