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Vilma Software Oberon - Remote Registry Remarks


  • Export registry keys from remote computer.
    There are some limitations, when export or import registry data remotely.
    Successfully can be exported registry data as follows:
    Vilma Software Oberon file format
      - Win32 registry hive file format

  • The RegEdit32 registry script is not available for export at remote computers.

  • Specific notes for remotely importing Oberon file format:
    When export registry data from remote machine using Oberon file format, the data is saved with the computer location.
    This means the if you click twice on the exported file, Oberon will make attempt to connect and to import it to the same computer, from witch the file have been exported. However if you start Oberon, select another computer and use File/Import - the same file will be imported to the currently selected computer.


  • If you import a Win32 registry hive file to remote computer, there are two conditions that must be satisfied:
        1. Selecting file that will be imported, have to be done with relative path. With other words at "Open File" dialog, browse to find the network path to the file, instead the local path. The file must be in shared folder.
        2. You have to be sure, that the user that you are logged-in at the remote computer, have read/write access to the file that will be imported.


  • Cut, Copy and Paste from/to remote computer is supported without limitations.
    It is recommended to use it any time that you have to transfer registry data between your network.

  • Load/Unload registry keys at remote computer is not supported.
    This is not a problem at all, since these operations are used only for temporary data editing.


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