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Vilma Software Oberon - Connect to Remote Machine


Beginning with version 2.3.6, editing of remote registry becomes easy.

To edit the registry of remote computer click "Connect" from "File" menu,




or choose the "Connect" button at the address bar.

The "connect to remote computer Wizard will appear.
Now specify the IP Address to connect. Alternatively you cold use computer name in format "\\computer" or "computer".
There is a check box "Reconnect at logon (persistent connection)"

If you check it, the connection details will be remembered and the next time when you start Vilma Software Oberon you will be able to connect without specifying the user name and password again.
When you are ready click on "OK" button.
Vilma Software Oberon will try to open a connection to the computer specified.
There are few important notes while you edit registry of remote computer.
Please take a look at Remote registry specific notes in this documentation.

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