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Vilma Software Oberon - Registry Optimizer

Vilma Registry Optimizer is a tool for defragmenting the Windows Registry. While you and your application works, the registry content is changing. The creating of new keys and values, deleting and editing of the existing one case the fragmentation of the registry files. Here is a place to say that the drive-defragmenter tools are not useful to fix this. The system virtual memory, system files, and the registry, are used from the operating system, and for that reason the drive defragmenters can not open or move it's content.

 It is necessary to be applied another techniques to defragment the registry content. Registry optimizer is designed to do this with a couple of steps:

1. Select Registry Optimizer item from the Tools tab.
2. The Registry Optimizer form will appear. Then click on the Start button, and wait while the process complete.

3. A message with prompt for restart will appear. Close you documents, save them, and after that click Ok to restart.

4. Your system will be restarted, and you new registry will be ready for use. The confirmation message dialog is shown below.

Remarks: Registry Optimizer is available for Windows NT, 2000, and XP operating systems.

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