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Vilma Software Oberon - Registry Inspector

Registry Inspector is a tool for finding and repairing errors in the Windows® registry. There usually is a lot of different types of errors. The next sections gives a short description of the type of errors that Registry Inspector will find and correct.

  • Invalid references to files and (or) folders.
  • References to and invalid file types.
  • Invalid global class identifiers (CLSID).
  • Invalid Application identifiers (AppID).
  • References to and invalid Type libraries (TLB).
  • References to and invalid Interface identifiers (IID).
  • Invalid application paths (AppPaths).
  • Invalid fonts.
  • References to an invalid or missing help files.
  • References to an invalid sheared modules (ShearedDlls)
  • Errors in the "Startup" section.
  • Errors in the "Uninstall" section.
  • Error in "Installed files" section.
  • Invalid software keys and data.
  • Invalid keys in the "Start Menu" section.
  • Invalid shortcuts in your "Shell Folders".

When Registry Inspector correct errors it alleys makes backup of the previous data, so you can make conversation between the new and the older state of the system work.
The errors are groped in different types and when the scanning complete You will see the danger of the problems and different possible solutions for every one of them. You can repair the problem alone, but we are recommending to do this only if you are quite sure what exactly are you doing.

Remarks: Some of the errors can be related each other, and there is a situations in witch can be necessity, the Registry Inspector to be run more than once.

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