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Vilma Software Oberon -  How To Purchase

In first place you could order Oberon, to encourage us to continue the development of the product and to implement a new features. In addition the registered users have the following advantages:

  • unlimited using of the full program functionality
  • unlimited technical support
  • free updates for all of the next releases with the same major number
  • defragment the registry
  • backup and restore the registry
  • check and fix the registry

Price List

1 - 5 licenses                               $39
6 - 10 licenses                             $35
10 - 50 licenses                           $31
51 - 100 licenses                         $27
101 - 200 licenses                       $22
201 or more licenses                   $17

How to purchase

The fallowing methods are supported:

  • Pay online by credit card:

    Тhis is the fastest method. The process takes about a minute. We also accept a range of different payments. To see the complete payment options, and to choose one of them visit our order page.

  • Pay via bank transfer to:
    Visit the order page to learn more about this purchase method.


After the payment, you will receive a registration details with license holder name and registration reference, witch you will use, to update to the full functional version. To upgrade your copy select "Upgrade" from "Options" menu, enter your registration details and fallow the instructions. The Update Wizard will connect to our server and will receive the additional code. This process takes about 4 - 7 minutes depends from your Internet connection speed.

Thanks a lot.


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