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Vilma Software Oberon - Keyboard Accelerator

Vilma Software Oberon is useful for a system administrators witch works a long time over the registry. in this case the keyboard shortcuts are irreplaceable. The next keyboard shortcuts are provided for easy access to the Oberon functions.

(F1) - shows the help information.
(F2) - shows the information about the program Oberon.
(F3) - starts the search.
(F4) - shows the tip of the day.
(F9) - customize the program preferences.
(Tab) - changes the focus between the documents inside the pane.
(Alt+B) - show the window with the bookmarks.
(Alt+S) - show the window with the search results.
(Alt+U) - show the window with undo history.
(Alt+R) - show the window with component registration results.
(Alt+I) - show the registry inspector window.
(Ctrl+X) - "cut" the selected key or value and copies it to the clipboard.
(Ctrl+C) - copy the selected key or value it to the clipboard.
(Ctrl+V) - paste the key or value from the clipboard into the registry.
(Ctrl+E) - edit the selected value.
(Ctrl+R) - rename the selected key or value.
(Delete) - deletes the selected key or value.
(Ctrl+S) - export the selected key to a file.
(Ctrl+O) - import data from a file.
(Ctrl+Tab) - change the keyboard focus between the panes.
(Shift+Tab) - the same in opposite direction.
(Ctrl+Alt+A) - add the selected key to the bookmarks.
(Ctrl+Alt+K) - create new key.
(Ctrl+Alt+D) - create new dword value.
(Ctrl+Alt+S) - create new text value.
(Ctrl+Alt+M) - create new multi-string value.
(Ctrl+Alt+E) - create new expand-string value.
(Ctrl+Alt+R) - create new resource-list value.
(Ctrl+Alt+U) - create new custom value.
(Ctrl+Alt+B) - create new binary value.

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