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Vilma Software Hal - Edit the drives and partitions

Edit the drives and partitions

There is two different methods to edit the drive partitions. Windows operating system use a logical drives with a letters like this - C: , D: , .....   These logical drives are formatted with a Microsoft file systems, and you can access them opening the folder "Logical Drives" from the left window of the program. Another method is to edit the partitions from the folder "Physical Devices". All of the drives and it's partitions can be edited from that item. By clicking on the partition item, it content appears in the right side of the program window.
Be careful when you edit the drive content. It is not recommended to do this really. This is necessary only to read the content of the drive sectors, containing a data witch can not be accessed on other way.
For example if you have a file, and a part of this file exist on a damaged sector. You will probably will not be able to open this file, but you could open the drive and to read and save a part of it - this part witch is not located in the damaged sector.
You could also to save a copy of you boot sector for backup purposes, and to restore it later if necessary.


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