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Vilma Software Hal - Unicode


Unicode is a worldwide character-encoding standard. Unicode simplifies localization of software and improves multilingual text processing. By implementing it in your applications, you can enable the application with universal data exchange capabilities for global marketing, using a single binary file for every possible character code.

Unicode defines semantics for each character, standardizes script behavior, provides a standard algorithm for bidirectional text, and defines cross-mappings to other standards. Among the scripts supported by Unicode are Latin, Greek, Han, Hiragana, and Katakana. Supported languages include, but are not limited to, German, French, English, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese.

Unicode can represent all the world's characters in modern computer use, including technical symbols and special characters used in publishing. Because each Unicode character is 16 bits wide, it is possible to have separate values for up to 65,536 characters. Unicode-enabled functions are often referred to as "wide-character" functions.


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