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Vilma Software Hal - Using Copy and Paste

Using Copy and Paste

To copy a range of data first select the desired range. Use Ctrl + X   to cut the data,  Ctrl + C to copy, and Ctrl + V  to paste previously copied data. Usually Hal uses an internal clipboard for these operations.

There is no limitation for the length of the copied data. For example you could copy the whole content of you partition, and to paste it into another place.

Below are couple of specific notes related with this.

  • When you paste a data into a drive - the data will be pasted from the first selected byte till the whole data are pasted. That operation overwrites the current drive content.

  • When you paste a data into a file - the data will be inserted within the file. The operation do not overwrites the content (as in the drive editor), is inserted there instead.

  • If the copied data has too - large length, Undo operation will not be possible and the data will be writen directly to the drive. For that situation Hal will warring you, and will ask for your conformation.

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