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Vilma Software Hal - Strings and Characters data type

Strings and characters data type

There is different type of data in this group. Here are explained the core types of them.

  • char - 1 byte signed value. Can be from -128 to 127. This data type is used to indicate a single character in ANSI code page.  The text can be stored using a list of char values, but there is a languages (like Japan or Korean) witch uses much more symbols. For that reason the ANSI code page is not useful.

  • wchar_t - 2 bytes unsigned value, internal type of a wide character.  Can be from 0 to 65,535. Used for a portable programs for international markets. The Unicode is based in this data type.

The strings are usually a set of single characters (char or wchar_t), stored consecutively and terminating with zero value.


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